A poem by Jonas

A misty scene
The short onlooker
Eyes that are keen
Not a great cooker

The sun has lowered down
And two know it is time
They must make love
Within trees of pine

Jonas first searches
the woods for her
what cannot be heard
are the steps of the onlooker

The cold moon gleams
It shall take all night
Shibu steps out
Into moonlight

Harder than granite
Jonas grows
He thinks of dirty things
Yet none of his foes

What comes next
Shibu knows
Jonas began
To take off cl—–

They sit for a while
Leaned against a tree
Both bare
Naked and “free”

They may be underage
It does not matter
It is okay
They will not grow any fatter

After some time
Almost two hours
They realize what to do
Using Jonas’s tower

A tree among trees
Though it is the tallest
It cannot freeze
Just for his goddess

Remember this poem
All in entirety
It is not weird
Just unique variety

The onlooker watched
Very closely
Staring and chewing
On a stalk of parsley

To the onlooker it was obvious
Came together with a click
A 5 foot tall boy
And a one foot tall d—

To the girl it must hurt
Hurt extremely bad
But the feeling of happiness
Destroys the pain and sad

Grunting and groaning
A bit of a scream
Jonas is with Shibu
Middle of a dream

He is having fun
Has he gone out of his mind?
Uncarefully, raises his hand
And slaps the behind

As he had a workout
Speaking words so foul
The onlooker shifted
And tossed back his cowl

Long black hair in the light
The onlooker decided to write
A nice, lengthy poem
Of what happened this night

It has became bright
Start of a new day
Death of the night
And now it is today

The sun breaks through
Mist destroyed by sunlight
Jonas bends his back
Shibu screams in delight

A final jolt
A single spasm
Not his fault
One last or—-

She hops off his wood
Jumps away
Jonas stands
It is now day

Now they part
Leaving their way
Having to vacate
Their separate ways

Howls are not in
Into the air
Shibu wanted his thing
And now it is fair

It has been over
it has been done
they together think
it has been fun

Screams no longer ring in the air
cause they know they have finished
Jonas`s pride
has not been diminished

The onlooker wishes
But he will see
how she looks
at his tree

a little painful
but always fine
it kind of hurts
for a period of time

evening wood
is the best
tastes quite good
a mini lovefest

again, they have finished
done making love
it has been over
approved by above

Now what do you crave
It has been fun
Anything else?
Too bad, it’s done


The Origin of Niagara Falls

The Origin of Niagara Falls

Once upon a time,
In the Land of Above,
There was a Mother and a Father,
Who ruled with tough love,

Their children went to Heaven High,
And flexed their straight As,
They would study every moment they got,
For minutes to hours to days,

Niogre was the son,
With an ugly face,
A large, brown stomach,
One who never made haste,

Nia was the daughter,
Small, weightless, with a heart,
Her parents were extremely proud,
As they considered her very smart,

But one fateful day,
A day of sorrow and woe,
Both children received B+s,
Which is not too bad, I know,

But for the proud, stern parents,
This could not happen again,
They had to teach them a lesson,
They’d committed a deadly sin,

The Father roared a mighty roar,
Lifted the many pounds,
He hefted Niogre and Nia,
And threw them through the clouds,

They fell and fell through the air,
They wish they’d given a confession,
Nia floated slowly to the ground,
But Niogre left a depression

The ground gave way to his weight,
Paving the way for a cliff,
the stones were sharp and jutted,
and the edge of the rock was stiff,

Nia and Niogre were saddened together,
In pain and in quite a daze,
their brains were disoriented,
and their vision was in a haze

But both heard the scream of their father,
it caused them both to turn,
he said, “you scum of children”
“only one of you shall return!”

“With your magical powers,
and your mighty features,
you must outdo each other,
in making magnificent creatures!”

“These creatures must live forever!
A race of success and glory,
they must have the best qualities,
that place them in this story!”

The Father’s thunder stopped,
And Niogre clutched his face,
the siblings had little time,
to create the superior race,

Niogre got to work immediately,
and used his large, misshapen hands,
he worked to create the fiercest force,
that had ever been seen in these lands,

But Nia, the clever Nia,
she thought of many things,
she eventually chose a creature of beauty,
one with a beak and a pair of wings

Both created several herds,
In their habitats,
Nia made a flock of birds,
Niogre, a horde of cats,

At first, Nia laughed,
“You think you can cross the line?
Beat my cardinals, robins, woodpeckers,
With your filthy feline?”

Niogre smiled an ugly grin,
“Imma disrupt the peace,
My lynx, cougar, and jaguar,
Are far better than your geese!”

Nia laughed in his face,
“Out of ten, you’re a four,
You should probably realize,
That our parents love me more!”

The Father heard this go on,
And his voice was hard and rocky,
“I’m not beaming up a little fool
Who has gotten far too cocky!”

And so Niogre won the battle,
Forcing Nia to her fears,
Out of her pair of eyes,
Came a river of tears

She cried and cried and cried,
Sobs, hollers, and bawls,
Her tears filled the depression
Creating Niagara Falls,

She shook and shook,
Now there was none to appease,
Her hair fell from her scalp,
And made the many trees

Out of her spite, Nia made a pledge
Her creativity was finally bloomin’,
She made a creature of grace, smarts, talent,
And called it “the glorious human”

By putting four limbs together,
She caused this sudden upheaval,
Created a race of amazing beings,
Morally good but evil,

The first tribe of Nia’s humans,
Known as the Ongui-nia-hara,
They resided on the shores,
Of the falls of Niagara

These Natives carried a rich culture,
They committed many a vice,
A common cultural custom to see,
Was their annual sacrifice

The humans eventually branched out,
Spread out far and wide,
Across the Earth they went,
There were no laws to abide,

They invented fire and weapons of death,
Corruption in every mind,
It was a rarity to find a human,
Who was morally right and kind

Nia, now Mother Nature, saw this occur,
The various inventions of tools,
The human condemned their own planet,
By burning the fossil fuels,

But in Niagara Falls,
The tribe was truly pure,
For the filth everywhere else,
Nia wasn’t quite sure,

This nefarity of humankind,
Slowly, slowly, unfurled,
Nia’s beautiful creation,
Was now the destruction of the world

And there was the origin of those lands,
The lands of Niagara Falls,
The sound of the water cascading down,
Is the sound of Nia’s calls,

She regrets the creation of human,
They lack the mind to quit,
Nia would emphasize the need,
Of life; to preserve it

The moral of this tale is,
Treat our world kindly,
Don’t be too ignorant nor too cocky,
And treat others very finely

And so ends the story,
Of what nature calls,
The origins of species,
Within Niagara Falls


Drowned in the Unknown

A poem inspired by Holocaust survivor, Lilly Black (interview).

A new lily, comely and pristine,
Youthful and truly untouched,
to observe the first of what changed her life,
Religion to her body was clutched,

She saw the people being herded like cattle,
But why? Why were they being sent away?
Doubting all answers and ideas given,
No matter what her parents would say.

And soon she too was among the “lesser”,
Which she had questioned if they truly were worse,
but they must be, all Jews and herself,
She believed the people mouthed them a curse.

Why didn’t these observers do anything?
They let these soldiers shove us around,
Caged upon trains like meat sent for transport,
as the silent watchers stared to the ground.

Drowned into the black of unknown,
Constantly doubting her only kin’s life,
Robbed of her culture before the dark set,
Her dreams were slain and flame set to her strife.

Her finger scratched, was her life to be gone?
Her sister taken, was her soul as well?
The woeful unknown enveloped her so,
The circumstance naught but a frightening hell.

For the unknowingness was horrendous,
She never knew of her fate,
or what went through other people’s minds,
or if this pain were ever sate.

By Shivang Shelat

A Poem of Righteousness

Equality sought for throughout the world,
not communism but rather race and love,
an era of blood and conflict had unfurled,
where preference shouldn’t be considered as “above”,

The river of life goes on and on,
drowning some and stifling voices,
some could be saved, some could have lived,
if others had acted on their positive choices,

Their trains of thought regarded love,
in a different direction to others,
This pushed them down and into the dark,
estranging these sisters and brothers,

different orientations and different lusts,
the rights of humankind pushed aside,
violently ravaged and deprived of musts,
The desires of people utterly denied,

Vocal chords shot, place in life gone,
if equality came, all would rejoice,
for it is us, the youth’s responsibility,
to offer the voiceless their voice.

By Shivang Shelat

School Elections

The Fantastic Fellows have demonstrated their support for a candidate within MSJHS’s secretaries through poetic format.


A spin and a body roll,
a twirl and a kick,
knock out the opposition,
with naught but a flick,

Utter devotion to what she’ll do,
every moment carefully thought through,
Up the scale, the votes for her flew,
As she vanquished her foes, pew pew!

Quite kind as well as hardworking,
not a snake, nor using a sharp fang,
open to opinion, taking all advice,
the true one and only, Emily Zhang

Running up against beautiful people,
equally as hardworking and equally as fun,
Jonas and Annie shining like a bulb,
but Emily is shining just like the sun!



Due to frequent drama, the candidate we supported was forced into  a co-secretary position with another promising fellow, Annie. Our prayers and hopes go out to those in need along with those wishing for a great junior year within the class of 2019.


No other time can compare,

To the unfathomable despair,

That is final exams week,

Where pain is at its peak,

On the first day of dread,

Many were speared dead,

And many others turned and ran,

For it was English with Boogeyman,

But it was too late,

Doomed was our fate,

As the class average was only a 50%,

And speeding downwards our grades went,

Oh, the sorrow was too great,

Our hearts beating at a fast rate,

What was to be done,

For nothing was won,

The test was so specific,

But we are not terrific,

To failure we had to acknowledge,

For we could not make it to college,

And onto the streets we had to go,

Alone and homeless, married to Jethro…