Origami Darth Vader v2

I did not choke on my aspirations,

And I folded through long durations,

The origami Darth Vader is complete,

On a 24 by 24 box pleat,

The sith lord will once again rule the galaxy,

After a droid attack on a wookiee,

He’ll try spinning,

When the fun is beginning,

He sees through the lies of the Jedi,

But can not find ground that is high,

This certainly is a fine addition,

To my origami collection,

I am sorry for each post’s delay,

And I hope you all have a wonderful day,

Not just the men, but the women and children, too,

Happy Star Wars day and May the Fourth be with you


A well-krafted origami



This origami is not ordinary,
And is krafted from the finest stationary,
With a 2:1 sheet of my biology notebook,
I folded as my hands trembled and shook,
As the end of the school day was at hand,
I held up the legend from MSJ Band,
I have finally won,
For I have finally got it done.


Origami Caesar (Planet of the Apes)

This origami model was folded right after viewing the fantastic finale to the best movie trilogy of this decade. War of the Planet of the Apes inspired me to design this model, and I think it turned out pretty good. I folded it from a 16×16 grid and a ten inch square sheet of paper. Caesar not like Koba. Apes. Together. Strong. 

Origami Dragon

This origami dragon was designed and folded by me. I used a ten inch square of green kami, and the base is a regular bird base with pleats folded in the middle. I also put one of my origami Links on the back of the dragon just for giggles. The origami link was folded by me with a post-it note during my ACT test prep class. This was just a fun, quick fold, and I am sorry for not posting in like three months.

Origami Alduin

Collapsed base

This origami Alduin was designed by Satoshi Kamiya and folded by me. The model’s crease pattern wasn’t too hard to collapse, but it was difficult shaping the model afterwards. I couldn’t really fold the details because the paper I used was too small. This is a fun model to fold, and the cp can be easily found on Google images.