Spear of Death



A small Chinese boy sat down under a tree in the meadow on a warm and sunny day. He breathed in the aromatic smell of the poppies that filled the air with its distinct smell. The sound of the river flowing nearby was peaceful, adding to the great serenity of the area. Rabbits frollicked around the field of bright, green grass with joy and cheerfulness. 

The boy closed his eyes and leaned back on the soft grass. He hoped the peace and tranquility could last forever, and in the hour or two that he laid there, he felt true happiness. But, there was something wrong.

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A Creative Mind 3: Tokyo Drift

Here is a beautiful mural painted by a small ten year old boy. It truly captures the essence of abstract art. This may look like a drawing made sloppily by some ordinary kid, but in reality, it has a meaning that is beyond human comprehension. This truly is the result of a creative mind.

Mr. Moleres

What is this filthy, furry behemoth, the largest and homeliest of its kind? Is it a king of all, an empowered emperor? Or perhaps is it a fellow teacher, striving to permit younger moles to enter the gates of chemical glory?

This wonderful mole elicited 10 extra credit points from my Chemistry H teacher’s grade book. It is based off of him, playing off of his name (Señor Flores).

The eyes are glued together on the fury fabric and a bullet hangs at its neck. A tube of substances is at the right and a proper shirt brims the front.

A Modern Chemistry textbook is on the other paw, equipped with a nasty pun of senseless origin. A pal, Camole, accompanies Mr. Moleres during his photo shoot.