Shibu Shelat:

Shivang is a striving student who plays the trumpet and has lighthearted pastimes that include writing poetry and other stories. He works to make the world and his community a better place through being an active Boy Scout and participating in volunteer band programs across the state. An example of his thriving leadership is his appointment as section leader for MSJHS’s World-Class Marching Band. Through hard work and tactics employed from his plight through BSA, he led the vast trumpet section through a swirl of glory equipped with naught but a brass instrument. The efficiency of various extracurricular activities he does are demonstrated by his finalist position in the 2014 National History Day competition (partnered with Kevin Chen) and his free tutoring in the trumpet, offering help to those who clearly need it. With a trusty partner, he has also taken the strides to gain a 2nd Place Award at States and a 7th Place Award  at Nationals regarding the Technology Student Association under the Songwriting category.

Jonathan Stock, a thriving trumpet player under the guidance of Shelat, has these comments: “He’s a true leader. In a one hour sitting, he helped me play and memorize my highschool band march with utter ease and perfection.”

Anthony Gao:

Anthony is a second generation immigrant from Shanghai, China that escaped its perilous air filled with harmful chemicals. He spends his days with his friends and gets challenged by various teachers. He plays the trumpet as well and always exercises confidence and prowess. As an origami enthusiast, he uses one square sheet of paper and folds it into something else entirely. With his artistic talents, he transforms colorless canvases on computer-paint programs into one with color and distinguishable vibrancy. He can use any fabric, from scrap paper to tissues from his favorite Chinese restaurant. Under hard work and focus, he is undeterred. Utilizing his skills and abilities, Anthony is able to inspire his other peers and enables them to reach their peak.

Kavin Raj, a timid young boy with lots of potential, exclaims, “I never knew I could be in a jazz band until Anthony instilled confidence in me. Now I feel like I can never quit being a beast percussionist in an amazing band program.”

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