A Poem of Righteousness

Equality sought for throughout the world,
not communism but rather race and love,
an era of blood and conflict had unfurled,
where preference shouldn’t be considered as “above”,

The river of life goes on and on,
drowning some and stifling voices,
some could be saved, some could have lived,
if others had acted on their positive choices,

Their trains of thought regarded love,
in a different direction to others,
This pushed them down and into the dark,
estranging these sisters and brothers,

different orientations and different lusts,
the rights of humankind pushed aside,
violently ravaged and deprived of musts,
The desires of people utterly denied,

Vocal chords shot, place in life gone,
if equality came, all would rejoice,
for it is us, the youth’s responsibility,
to offer the voiceless their voice.

By Shivang Shelat


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