The Whims and Fantasies of Australia

Next week (mid April of 2017), Anthony and I are venturing out of the United States of America into the great penal colony of the unknown: Australia. We will waltz into gold mines, chomping and tearing threw pieces of exotic jerky, no doubt as tasteful as any jerky could be.

I’m sure some pictures from our trip (as part of the world-revered MSJHS Marching Band) will make it onto this site. Look out, my fantastic fellows.

Here’s some info about Australia, for those who don’t know:

The British basically sent all of their bad guys to this land when America got cocky and denied them. It was known as a penal colony, and the people there were under the watchful eye of the British troops. As society started to build, the native Aborigines and eventually New Zealanders were cast aside and usually brutalized.

The country is now considered extremely swaggy, renowned for its wild beasts as well as wild people. We hope to pilfer some of their wondrous culture and return to the States more inspired than ever to push our blog forward.

Thanks for reading!


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