Some Words from Kevin Chen

A glorious writer/aspiring high school who works hard in pursuit of success has approached the Fantastic Fellows. He wishes for us to share some of his writing, one that I believe contains the imagery and true feeling of a story saturated with magical essence.


I stare blankly at the dark, empty ceiling above me. It’s already three in the morning, but I just can’t seem to fall asleep. The events of May 28, 2016 still haunt me to this day. How long has it been since then? My calendar says it has only been months; however, my heart insists it has been years. I lift my hand to wipe my tears, but they stopped falling long ago. Harambe, why did you leave us?

As my consciousness finally fades away, I only wish for a peaceful, dreamless sleep. However, the brutal murder of Harambe, alpha male of the Cincinnati Zoo, keeps haunting my dreams. He only wanted to show the child around his enclosure! He was born in captivity for human entertainment; he died in captivity for a human’s mistake. Harambe deserved respect, not bullets in his chest. Ever since then, I have repeatedly asked myself: is there a God in this world? People far smarter than me have devoted their entire lives to answering this one question. God may or may not exist, and He may or may not be omnipotent. Who knows? However, I do know that a God who allows Harambe to die isn’t a God worth believing in.

As I toss and turn in my sleep, I feel a warm presence beside me. Gradually, I calm down, and my worries fade away. I turn around slowly, but I already know who it is. Harambe grunts, and I grunt back. Because of our spiritual connection, I understand what he is saying. We talk until the morning. The dawn peeking through the windows, I reach out to Harambe. Suddenly, my alarm rings, and I wake from my sleep. I look around, but Harambe is already gone.

by Kevin “Big Eddie Sanchez” Chen


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