Spear of Death



A small Chinese boy sat down under a tree in the meadow on a warm and sunny day. He breathed in the aromatic smell of the poppies that filled the air with its distinct smell. The sound of the river flowing nearby was peaceful, adding to the great serenity of the area. Rabbits frollicked around the field of bright, green grass with joy and cheerfulness. 

The boy closed his eyes and leaned back on the soft grass. He hoped the peace and tranquility could last forever, and in the hour or two that he laid there, he felt true happiness. But, there was something wrong. The sound of the river was gone, and he could no longer smell the poppies. Instead, he smelled sulfur and burning wood. He opened his eyes and saw that the river was glowing red. Bunnies scurried past the boy, and he looked up in bewilderment.

 The sky darkened, yet there was no cloud in the sky. There was a loud boom, and the ground shook. The tips of each blade of grass lit like candles in the darkness. A ring of embers swirled in the middle of the meadow, and smoke rose above it. Pillars of lava shot through the ground and through the smoke, revealing a dark figure within it. The boy screamed at the ghastly sight. 

The thing in the smoke resembled a severely burned man, for it had seared flesh and exposed bones that were charred black. Its chest was glowing red and orange, and lava oozed out of its rib cage. Its face was nothing but a black skull, but its eyes were flames that bursts through its eye sockets. Horns protruded from its head, and claws protruded from its hand. The black robes that it wore were tattered and ancient.

 Lightning shot from the sky and into its hand, materializing into a spear of death. The demon cackled at the destruction it had caused around him. This thing, this monster, was evil at its purest form. It was a god. It was death. It was John Boegman. 

The boy mustered up his courage and asked, “What is it that you want? Without grammar mistakes and content errors, I can deliver you the perfect essay!” 

The flames vanished, and the smoke dissipated. The sky cleared, and the rivers no longer glowed red. The demonic and bald creature floated over towards the boy and put its hideous bearded face in front of the boy. “You fool,” it said. “What you just said had a misplaced modifier!!” 

The boy’s eyes widened in fear as he turned to run, but it was too late. Walls of fire rose around him, and all he could see was red. He cried as he knew this was the end of his existence. Thunder boomed as lightning struck the spear of death in the monster’s hand. It lunged forward with the spear, and like a bolt of lightning, the spear instantly skewered the boy’s bloody heart. As the boy fell, the ancient, bald bringer of destruction said with a devilish smile, “One down, one hundred fifty more to go…”


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