Psychology Studies of Olde

These are a series of studies that we have definitely encountered in our youth and should know the origin of despite involvement (hobby or career) in the subject of psychology.

Ivan Pavlov discovered classical condition when he repeatedly fed his dogs at the same time as a clicking noise was made. The dogs’ saliva formed before they ate as a normal reaction, but soon enough, Pavlov recognized the presence of saliva recurring over time during clicking moments. The offering of food was a stimulation and saliva was the predicted response. As the dogs expected the food, they produced saliva, showing the recurrence and revealing the concept of classical conditioning.

F. Skinner discovered operant conditioning with animals under experimental conditions. The various reasons that make it effective include punishment, which is seen commonly in schools today. Punishment, or the negative consequence after an action, is a type of conditioning after an action that sears the idea in the mind of the doer. They associate the act with the punishment.

Albert Bandura discovered the relations between children and role models. This applies to the larger picture as well. If one observes another having success, then they are more likely to emulate those actions in search for the same achievements. It is an example of learning and matching observable behaviors and success.


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