A Hero’s Journey


A comparison to the Rite of Passage: the similar three stages.

Separation: the division between the hero’s own world and others

Initiation: the opening into a new realm of skill, freedom, or awareness

Transformation: the elder ways of thinking (etc.) are eradicated and transformed into a differing, more efficient level of action


The Hero’s Journey is a representation of human experience and of the experience throughout life. There is a slight relation pertaining to the idea of every challenge faced in today’s present being depicted as a journey.


What is a Hero?

A hero is a character depicted with extreme ability and skill in a single subject; they usually possess traits of supernatural being and are revered by society for their courageous actions.

What is the Journey?

A journey is naught but a challenge with several steps to overcome and challenges to face with an either positive or a negative consequence at the end, depending on the efficiency of the taker.

Some basic elements of the Hero’s Journey:

The Call
The Threshold
The Challenge(s)
The Abyss
The Transformation
The Revelation
The Atonement
The Return

These aspects truly represent the process and progression of the hero’s growth, success, and transformation, leading up to the final return in the light of glory in the end.




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