A Trip To The Zoo

A trip to the zoo,

Was a dream come true,

From an elephant to a monkey,

There was so much to see,

The giraffes reached through the sky,

Looking majestic but shy,

Being incredibly tall,

And loved by all,

The penguins swam about,

Occasionally giving a shout,

But most waddled upon the rocks,

Or slept in their cozy little box,

The flamingoes looked very fun,

As they walked in the sun,

And ruffled their pink feathers,

In one of the best weathers,

But nothing compared to the gorilla,

The gentlest of beasts and not a killa,

As it looks among its human kin,

Hoping no small boy will fall in,

The time went by too fast,

As I had an absolute blast,

Not one moment was too dull,

And my trip to the zoo was wonderful!


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