Vanquishing Addiction

An addiction that several suffer from is one of mobile games. People can continue playing along with their friends if not eventually limited – some may continue whilst disregarding their hunger and others may pray that the game will finish because of a want for relaxation from their animated world. As opposed to a saturating role-playing game, MOBAs are the epitome of filth in the video gaming world. This collection of linked limericks followed the short scenario of a boy engrossed in video games, not rising to get the food he wishes for. Limericks usually have a fun ending or a classic joke at the end, but these have a dominant feeling of sorrow saved only by a quick happy ending. Read on, and remember the beat of a limerick is:

da DUM da da DUM da da DUM
da DUM da da DUM da da DUM
da DUM da da DUM
da DUM da da DUM
da DUM da da DUM da da DUM

In the darkness of a tiny room,
comes the noisy hint of a boom,
There are lights and flashes,
From whips and lashes,
Stuck in a sorrow-filled tomb

A small boy huddled over a screen,
Licking his lips with a hunched-over spleen,
The light in his eyes,
As time quickly flies,
Naught but an addicted teen

His thumbs tap and sluggishly press,
and not even he would truly confess,
that he’d just like to stop,
or drink just a drop,
of a cup of water and no less

Time passes and his battery goes down,
in a game that brings him a frown,
peers force him to play,
he doesn’t have a say,
in hopes of gaining renown

His hunger and thirst come close,
but he cannot leave his foes,
game or food?
kind or crude?
would he continue with his woes?

Finally, he throws his phone to the floor,
ending the silly digital war,
he grabs a burger,
and goes no further,
as his hunger condemns no more

His friends may have died in game,
but their minds rotted the same,
his addiction was dead,
and it cleared his head,
and his lust for mobile games was tame

By Shivang Shelat


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