The Downfall of a Chinese Boy

Once upon a stressful time,
A teacher committed a crime,
She scheduled a test on a Friday,
For she is the one and only Lingru Kuei,

I was doomed for defeat,
For I was utterly beat,
I had other tests of which to study,
But this test had kueizy chemistry,

I had given up hope,
But there was no time to mope,
For prolonged hours, I had to study with determination,
But for prolonged hours, there was only procrastination,

I looked through each chapter in the book,
But no knowledge was ultimately took,
As I was constantly distracted,
And filth is what I contracted,

I came to school on test day,
Without any knowledge to relay,
I did not properly prepare,
And I didn’t know how well I’ll fare,

But Ms. Kuei came to the rescue,
For she always knew,
That all of us were lazy with no merit,
So she gave us an opportunity of extra credit,

She told of a wonderful project,
An offer we could not reject,
For it was an extra ten points that we’d take,
And it was due right after break,

The points could go in either project or test,
Which allowed my growing stress to rest,
She handed out the scan-tron,
And I was ready to get it on,

I noticed there was a bit of water on mine,
So I asked her if the scan-tron was fine,
But little did I know, I was already toast,
With a blow of words, she rekt me with a roast,

“Just get a new one!” she said,
And speared me as I pled,
Then she said, as I went to sit,
“I’ll be looking forward to your extra credit!”


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