Criticism of the Acclaimed Peepo

Poems criticizing a certain modern bard known as Peepo have risen from the depths of the eloquent sea. This work of art is not written by me but rather composed by the an incognito fellow known as Guñan. Take a vivid look for yourself:

Peepo was on a quest
to pass his Smartmusic test.
Unfortunately, he couldn’t.
Give him an A, Kraft wouldn’t.
Instead, he got an eighty,
For his overall grade this was weighty.
Guñan should be put in confinement,
Until he can pass the assignment.
Peepo hath truly changed,
and it was for the better.
To truly express his change,
I would have to pen you a letter.
For the first time in his life,
He had written solid verse,
I could hardly believe my senses,
for it should have been much worse.
To say he had changed himself
would certainly be wrong,
He must have been replaced
To take a moral stride so long.
Will poetry suffice to communicate?
This topic must be explored.
But if you have enough skill,
verse can be wielded like a sword.
Poetry can be very useful,
Most certainly in plain speech,
But you must always be careful,
off great work you must never leech.
While this method is time-consuming,
It’s entertaining as well.
I think that overall,
This is a trivial idea to sell.
Peepo is a racist sh*t,
Always insulting my culture.
One day I will make him pay.
I’ll rip him apart like a vulture.
He thinks that he is hilarious,
But no one can stand his memes.
Although he has no real friends,
he doesn’t care, it seems.
One day, he’ll see the light,
Racism is unacceptable.
If he doesn’t change soon,
His fate will be unavoidable.
I hope Peepo mends his ways,
But in truth there is no hope,
Sadly, in the meantime,
We are all forced to just cope.

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