Some Positive Feedback

Hey, my fantastic fellas!

Recently, as the view and follow count of The Fantastic Fellows blog exponentially increases from day to day, personal allies of mine have given me feedback on the content of my blog/essence and ideal put forward by our writing. From Ashni, a fellow jazzy pal giving me tips on how to employ meter and rhetoric in poetry, to Amy Chen, publicly stating on her popular Snapchat story that email-subscribing to our blog was the “highlight of her night”.

Coming up in a few days, a guest post from our website will be featured on! We’ve plowed through this land regarding guest posts on our blog and others, but this will be the first professional work of art. Stay tuned, and brush yourself up on Ashley’s corner of the Internet as well!


And much more.

I am yet to gain some negative feedback, but I pray that it will include the same invigorating effect that I feel whenever positive comments are offered. Shout out to Ty Files, our first follower in the wide world of WordPress!

This is simply an update on how we’re doing. If you’d like to know more about the Fantastic Fellows, head over to the Welcome page as well as the About area to educate yourself about the writers’ characters.

Ample gratitude,

Shibu Shelat


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