MSB8 eSports

A notorious Vainglory eSports team known as the Master Baiterz is currently managed by myself at the moment. Visit our novice website at for more information of past entrances and tournaments. Here is just a sneak peak of some of our main players.

This is a post recognizing the achievement of a certain player in our community known as Christopher Pan. He has gotten to the highest rank possible after grinding for hours and wasting his life away. Friends have gone by, grades have gone by, his morality and life have gone by. But in the end, it is truly worth the plight. Congratulations, Chris (hoodc)!

The Members

royngo – mains jungle

When you smell the scent,
The epitome of the cruel,
Roy charges out of the bush,
as a shish kebab Krul.

demonicflames – mains everything

The creator of the team,
inspiring all others,
equipped with a troll smile,
befriended with your mothers.

hoodc – mains lane and jungle

The glowing line flashes,
the enemy falls to their knees,
Kestrel’s snipe completely misses,
and he quietly flees.

ethernetcable –  mains roam

The wire gets whipped out,
by the man unraveling the knots,
the glue holding the team together,
the man who calls the shots.

DelvinH – mains lane and roam

Fireballs and magical bolts,
from the mouth and hand of the story,
never in a loss, never in vain,
simply for the glory.

dragonforest29 – mains roam

The glowing shield of Catherine,
her eyes flash as her shield does,
the terrifying heads of a gnarled drake,
from a head with its hair to a chin with its fuzz.

reagag – mains everything

Unexpected and difficult to battle,
similar to a game of bowling,
master of eye-slits and slaughter,
the king of astounding trolling.

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