Anthony’s Guide On Taking L’s

As a man that took many L’s,
And been through many hells,
From accidently dropping some dells,
To accidently resetting some cells,
I decided to make a guide,
On how to lower your pride,
With a single misfortune,
Or a cranky Boegman,
I have learned from d’best,
So I get rekt on a test,
But I can share some knowledge,
So I won’t feel below average,
The first step is to emulate Kavin,
Digging through a recycling bin,
But don’t quit the amazing band program,
Because time wasting is the jam,
Do not study for the next examination,
And write poems for procrastination,
There is a Kuei and Robinson test soon,
So just sit and act like a buffoon,
That is what you must do,
To feel like poo,
But for those who are winners,
Eat some chicken dinners,
And continue to do well,
Or you will take an L!


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