A Birthday Poem to a Dear Friend

Once upon a wondrous time,
a child sat on a stool,
he read of Douglas MacArthur,
a filthy, military fool

But soon later, the sun rose up,
and the child searched the skies,
His vision diminished slowly,
all he could see were flies

He saw his gardener laugh,
and his Weedge Ma chuckle,
he saw his immense doog,
loosen its belt buckle

He saw false visions,
of a ship with several sails,
guided by a Caucasian man,
a historic, revolutionized Gales

Finally, his eyes cleared,
and quickly grew steady,
for no longer he was Kevin,
but rather the fantastic fellow Eddie

Happy birthday, Mr. Sanchez,
For you forever guide my soul,
You take it where it belongs,
In your darkest, dampest hole

By Shivang Shelat


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