A Fantastic Dream

I was in The Hobbit in my dreams,
And I was finally rid of all the memes,
I was using Smartmusic to get it done,
When dwarves in came one by one,
By then I realized I was not in a dream,
It was just Kavin and his Indian team,
Amit, Anand, Nehal, Swapnil, and Anjan,
Came to me with an important mission,
To raise the Fantastic Unicorns banner,
In the most eloquent and elegant manner,
To their offer I could not decline,
For Kavin’s soul was too divine,
I envisioned the image in my mind,
As Anand Gogoi constantly whined,
The result was a real beauty,
And I had fullfilled my duty,
Kavin Chen’s face on a fantastic creature,
As the flag’s primary visual feature,
I finally got it done,
It was time for fun,
So we hummed some catchy songs,
Before we ended with some gongs

Teh fantastic flag

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