A Poem by Guñan Das

One of my fantastic fellow pals, Guñan, has gifted me this wondrous poem depicting the life the several communist dictators. A great read indeed!

Hitler and Stalin and Mao, oh my!
Caused millions of people to lay down and die.
Hitler’s the famous one by far,
but we really should know about the Red Tsar.
Stalin killed millions of folk,
Sadly this isn’t a joke.
He mostly killed his peers,
And stirred up the Russians’ fears.
He rose to power under Vlad,
and we really all should be glad.
For he broke the German power,
and felled the Third Reich like a tower.
Yes, for all the bad that he did,
He was given a serious bid,
To win the Nobel Peace Prize,
A huge award in his eyes.

By Guñan


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