The Cooking of 大猩猩鬼 (a Delicate Crumble Cake)

Hello once again!

Today, I’m going to be talking about the detailed cooking process surrounding 大猩猩, a delicate crumble cake that melts in your mouth and accentuates the flavors of sweet goodness within the flour and butter. Remember, we’re following the classic Fantastic Fellow method of cooking – no measurements!

You will need:

-some butter, enough to melt in a pan and portion of a stick that will go into the mixing bowl
-brown sugar
-an abundance of pancake flour as well as regular flour
-Himalayan salt crystals
-hot water infused with strong tea
-vanilla extract

Use one tea bag (no citrus/acidic, any other flavor will do) and boil it in water upon a stove for 6 minutes until the water is a dark color. The first step is to whisk the egg and place it into a mixing bowl with some regular flour, vanilla extract, brown sugar, ground salt crystals, and butter. Pour the milk in slowly along with the strong tea liquid until the mixture is smoothed. The salt provides an alternate taste, key in all sweet foods to have a minor, delightful variation in their frequent bites. The butter offers a smooth texture to the overall feel of the cake.

After gaining a concoction with a hardy stature, move it to another bowl. Pour thick pancake flour and tea to balance the amount you wish to serve. Whisk the mixture as it enters the new bowl by hand.


As you pour the batter into a greased pan, wait till you observe the frequent visible holes appearing on the surface of the cake. Instead of flipping it, start to scramble the dough and allow it to continuously cook on every end to ensure there are no uncooked bits. Place the bits of dough in a pattern of your choice upon a plate. Pour the hot tea in a fine cup and drink it with the bits of cake. Add embellishments such as mint leaves onto the top of the result.

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Enjoy the beautiful mixture of delicate tastes that annul your worries and provide the segue to the higher life. Feel the earthen vanilla and sugar along with the tart mint and overlapping shades of tea. 干杯!


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