Shibu’s Guide to Trolling I

There are several types of trolls in this world – from large, hunky orcs to homely fellows that reside underneath the filthiest of bridges. When trolling, no matter what kind you are, you have the opportunity to grasp a positive or negative response. People can be severely hurt by trolling and can also have a good laugh; they may be having a lust to be trolled or they may turn into one themselves. I will be going over the types of trolls as well as the methodical systems to go about trolling.

Internet Trolls: These are individuals who hide behind the nefarious mask of the Internet, and as Shakespeare’s common symbolism depicted (masquerade, etc.), have the option to mold their online identity in any way they wish. Depending on the reaction they sought and the one they provoke, Internet trolls have a variety of options of what they want to do to practice their kraft. For example, on video games such as Vainglory or League of Legends, players can mess around and seriously piss off their fellow allies. They also can get a good laugh out of themselves when trolling or even a chuckle from their teammates if the air carries a light mood.

IRL Trolls: Commons liars and filthy doogs make up this group. They rarely find humor in the crimes they commit and build their lives upon unresolved lies. It is similar to climbing to the top of a Jenga tower and having it collapse beneath you eventually. Dominant real life trolls fit the description of SciShow’s video, the Psychology of Trolling, which depicts trolls as narcissists and jank bogeymen without social lives. (

Friendly Trolls: These are casual trolls who can employ their methods through text messages but keep in mind that they are trolling. They use references that would not be understood if the target is uninformed but is comical to the giver and the audience. This can be considered contagious, as in real-life examples of trolling, I have seen that the people I troll have been completely molded into trolls themselves. For example, my strict and unforgiving father has transformed into a kind fellow after I consistently trolled him for weeks on end. He now trolls me back with wrestling references and Chinese messages.

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