A Gamut of Poesy I

In this series, I go through the standard meanings of different types of popular and unknown poetry. Some will be recognized whereas others will be unknown to you. There will be two displayed per post and will appear regularly. I have gained the information I have from several sources, but the blunt definitions are reworded from the fantastic website, dictionary.com.

Let’s start with two similarly named ones: a ballade and a ballad! A ballade is a poem with three stanzas having the same rhyme scheme, followed by an envoy, and having the same last line for each of the stanzas and the envoy.  (dictionary) It can be considered a variation of the French ballad.

A ballad is any simple song, especially one of a sentimental essence, having two or more stanzas all sung to the same melody. It is also referred to, as by my dictionary, a  narrative poem of old origin, with short stanzas and employed for singing.



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