An Apology

I am incredibly sorry,
For things have gone awry,
In the past week,
Times were bleak,
There was not a post,
That I would boast,
I did not post enough,
For times were tough,
My week was drab,
Kuei gave us a lab,
But everything went wrong,
So Kavin took out his prong,
With his might and power,
He made the most of an hour,
Not all that day was won,
But we got it done,
With all the tiring stress,
I took off my dress,
And jumped on my bed,
Without using my head,
My laptop from Dell,
Off the bed it fell,
My entire world shattered,
As my laptop looked battered,
It wouldn’t start up anymore,
As I roared a mighty roar,
I now have to use my phone,
To get back in the zone,
I will post some more,
So you will no longer bore,
I know I’m saying this too late,
But ample apologies for the wait


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