Risqué Within a Poem of Zeus

I composed this poem with a weak meter and put it together without progression and saturated with scrap. It describes one of his personalities from the old tales through an enjoyable format.

With a bolt in one hand,
His might on his palm,
Zeus, the king of the gods,
Made all others fawn

Hera was wooed by his glory,
Abs, biceps and his swollen pecs,
They married following a steamy night,
Of randy, steaming XXX

A god who can grant the power to fly,
The one true emperor of the sky,
Making all other goddesses sigh,
Causing his brothers to solemnly cry

An unhappy marriage with Hera appeared,
Each event insisting he fought her,
But with his own sister, Demeter
He fathered an impure daughter

Next time when the rain falls upon your skin,
Look up to the clouds and wait,
For his bolt to flood the air with light,
And determine each mortal’s fate

One of three sons of Cronus,
A filthy old prick to the full,
To get rid of some of the nuisance,
He picked Zeus in order to cull

Incest and short-lived relationships,
Who is the real winner?
The potent god of sky and rain,
His own father’s dinner

By Shivang Shelat


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