Harambe of Cincinnati

This short story is written by my wondrous pal, Kevin Chen, a true fantastic fella! In order to appease his employer, Big Boy Boogeyman, he depicted his teacher’s wildest fantasy in a story. Czech it out!

By Kevin Ching:

This is something I wrote for my English class. I think this powerfully represents the intelligence of animals.

      The morning songbirds began singing and chirping their harmonic tunes. The sun illuminated the earth, the clouds dotted the sky, and the gentle spring breeze rustled the trees. I wondered what this beautiful day would hold in store for me. Early this morning, I remembered to bathe in a nearby pond and to eat my banana breakfast. The yellow fruit was so delicious that I could not help but let out a mighty roar. I am not only the silverback gorilla of my tribe but also the king of my enclosure. I am Harambe of Cincinnati.

As the day passed by, humans bustled about behind the elevated railing of my enclosure. Suddenly, a boy wormed out of its mother’s grip and ran towards my enclosure. Enamored by my majestic body, the child leaned too far over the railing and tumbled over the barrier. My clansmen hollered in excitement and pounded the ground. The child looked scared and smelled pungent in his urine-soaked pants. I grabbed the child’s arms and dragged him over to my boys. This child would be the star of our fashion show!

The crowd of humans started to whoop and cheer. They were probably excited for our gorilla fashion convention. All of a sudden, a sound like thunder pierced my ears, and I felt a sharp pain in my chest. The humans shot me with a projectile, but this time it was not a tranquilizer dart. The child fell out of my hands, and I collapsed, with blood gushing from my chest. My consciousness slowly faded away as I lay prone on the ground. I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. The hands of my forefathers reached down from the sky and pulled me into the heavens. My physical body is dead, but my mind and soul still live on. I will continue to watch over the Cincinnati Zoo from above and protect its denizens from danger. My spirit will never waver. I am Harambe of Cincinnati.


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