Analyzing a Message

Today, I will be analyzing a message that came from one of my aquaintance’s parents. It is filled with modern day references, detailed representations of problems within the present era, and exposes problems that teenagers face.

From the syntax and the spacing of each blatant statement, one can tell this message is from an angered individual, most likely on the elder side. The character goes on to list the wrongdoings of two separate individuals. From lack of Eagle project work to simple lunch packing every night, the sender of the message threatens driving classes which stand as a symbol for teenager freedom. More symbolism in the same viewpoint is the freedom applied from computer use and the actual work needed for transportation to school and to other places. In a way, this halts all methodical travel of the children whilst also challenging their laziness.

The portion of a threatened redact of a ten minute period from a wholesome playtime shows that the person is a savage and most likely only was allowing thirty minutes previously at the most. More of an example that the parent is most likely not born into US citizenship is shown through the incorrect use of “work on things you are reasonable to do”.

I hereby make the intense deduction that this message is from a concerned mother who truly cares for the well-being of her two young sons. One is older and is working on completing his Eagle (Boy Scouts) project before he becomes 18 and the other is a sophomore-junior age, learning how to drive. The mother is forced to place restrictions because of the rebel actions of her children and is define as a good parent by doing so.


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