Teaching the Trumpet

Throughout my tutoring career, from teaching English to younger Chinese individuals during my school’s lunchtime to helping Claire Zhang and Nishant Yadav (two well-to-do individuals) with my fantastic Bio Honors skills, I have never discovered a career that I enjoy more than teaching the trumpet. In this way, the skills that I help develop in other players correlate with the band’s level and skill. I learn more about people younger than me (and peers) while also helping the community; it’s a win-win situation!

Vaidehi Raman, now a wondrous trumpet player in MSJHS’s numerous bands, states, “Shibu is absolutely mad. I don’t think I’ve ever felt better when someone was caring for me other than when I have a real bad sickness and my mum is there!”

Christopher Pan, an ex-musician says: “When I observe Shibu swagger over to me with his trumpet and his little “padawans” following him around, I ask him where he’s taking them. He promptly replies every time with an impeccable answer. One I distinctly remember is him saying to me that he was taking his students around to find the best area in the school to make the sound emitting from the brass instrument have the finest tone and the most elegant vibratto.”


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