How to Make 芳香的茶 (An Herb Concoction)

The recipe I am most proud of creating (out of all I have designed) is the glorious 芳香的茶, an aromatic concoction made up of herbs and creamy soy milk.


  • Holy basil (also known as tulsi)
  • Mint
  • Ginger
  • Soy milk
  • Water
  • Brown sugar
  • Lemongrass

You begin the process of heating the water in a pot. Place the mint leaves into the heated water just before it boils. The color should change slightly; simply add a few leaves lemongrass and a spot of holy basil into the boiling water.

To clear your senses and to ensure the rest of the cooking process goes smoothly, I recommend you take a whiff of the steam. Your pair of nostrils will clear up with ease and your mind will feel enlightened.

Next, turn off the heat but keep the pot on the stove. Here is where you will gently pour in however much you want of creamy, protein rich soy milk. The smooth, calming texture brings an entire new feeling to the tea.

If you’d like a little earthy sweetness added into the mix, I chose to put in around two teaspoons worth of brown sugar. It adds a certain indisputable ambiance and fragrance into the end product of 芳香的茶.

Remember, this recipe is designed in a way that you have the last say on the measurements! Depending on utter sweetness, how much you would like, how many people you’re serving, intensity of flavor, or spice, you choose how much of each ingredient to employ.

You may stir the hot milk and the herb-infused waters together with the sugar, spreading the flavor to each side of the pot. Using a strainer, pour the tea into your favored glass or mug, and never forget that you can enjoy it steaming hot or chilled to a brim.

The liquid has a tint of green to it, depicting the festive mood when paired with steaming hot velvet cakes. I recommend you enjoy this drink in the icy month of December and when in a holiday mood. It fills the house with a warm aroma and brings a cheery mood to all!

Remember, always choose to vanquish the filth with your 芳香的茶.


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