A Tearful Goodbye

This year I had to say goodbye to a most beloved teacher because of scheduling issues, and this is the poem I composed for the memories I had in the one and a half weeks he taught me.

I am sorry to say,
To my great dismay,
That I am going to be leaving,
Something I’m still perceiving,

First period Kuei dissolved,
With things unresolved,
The office had to do some swapping,
And gave me news that was whopping,

I no longer have you,
A teacher that is true,
But instead I have someone new,
Mr. Boegman the poo,

It was the only way,
To be in honors Kuei,
With the great Kavin Chen,
And other gilded men,

I will miss your enthusiasm,
I will miss your great idealism,
I will miss your thought provoking discussions,
I will miss your Chinese pronunciations,

Of all things in the world I miss the most,
I will miss the greatest teacher on the coast,
I will go down a different path,
So farewell, Mr. Rath


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