A Request to Delvin

This is a poem regarding several Vainglory terms, memes, and utter references. It was my request to Delvin R. Huang to get into action and do some items I had requested previously.

O Delvin the Ping Guo

Delvin, you inquisitive soul,
please tell me one thing,
talk, speak, yell or sob,
you may even choose to sing

But why, oh son, do you work,
tirelessly every night,
when you must keep your eyes trained,
on the ice; a brumal sight

I have a single request of now,
to open the MSB8 Facebook group,
read my posts and enter the poll,
in this never-ending loop

There’s a tournament this week,
and I’d really love to win,
all odds are against us,
but not the Summer Phinn

Let’s get down to business,
as you previously chose,
as a team, we engage in our plight,
and vanquish the opposing foes.

By Shivang Shelat


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