The Origami King

The sun rises and the moon falls,
and the bells of life ring,
but in a corner of the inventive realm,
lays the plight of the Origami King

With his candles lit all around,
and colored paper as material,
the crisp movement is the only sound,
building naught but one of a serial

Lithe fingers moving with ease,
demonstrating raw skill,
the product is truly known,
to be quite the satisfying fill

While children rest in their slanted chairs,
and adults’ lives diminish with ease,
the Origami King works tirelessly,
more philosophical good than Socrates

From fantasy genres to science and space,
characters are remade as paper,
The Origami King guides others as help,
barring their hope from taper

Await the Origami King in the day
And await him in the night,
His comely facial features,
Are quite the intoxicating sight

Darth Vader, gorillas, Asian men,
Depicting a story without a pen,
Each and every time, again and again,
Welcome to the loving king’s den.

by Shivang Shelat


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