A Character Poem

One of my favorite novel characters from A Song of Ice and Fire (series) by the wonderful George R. R. Martin is the hilarious Tyrion Lannister. Fans of the book series will know he is a true fellow who has defeated the odds placed before him or is striving to do so. Although he is physically incapably of many things, he uses his astound mind to kill trepidation and other weaknesses that many other characters face. This poem provides a young path of his story, his bloodline, and features.

The great Tyrion Lannister, highly unique

Considered short, filthy, ugly and a freak

Known as the brother of Jaime the Gold

And as the son of Tywin the Old

But he cares for nothing but revenge and lust

To those who wronged him, do what he must

He feels the eyes judging his soul

And they assess his heart of coal

He requires allies he could thoroughly believe

And not have a residue when poured through a sieve

He gives banter, and opinion of great

His mind could truly decide the fate

Of the Lannister Kingdom, spreading away

To which Tyrion Lannister belongs, every other day

By Shivang Shelat


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