Poem of Silence

This a simple work of poetry depicting the silence within a room. It is titled with a blatant yet clever twist, vanquishing any factor of subtlety or confusion that could arise during the reading.

Silence in a Room

A plain haven with naught but a bed
And a computer to tire my eyes
Silence flocked to the room as I rested my head
The silence killed even the flies
The silence could drape around me
Fill even the most vacant sides
But because it embraced me and made me safe
To it, I would truly abide
No snapping nor gnawing was heard,
What lay silent were also the birds
When silence falls on the room
I could stare at the ceiling or sleep until noon
Any word spoken would start to trail off
Any footsteps sounded would quickly die
For the silence came out of the night
The room was taken, for the silence would fly

By Shivang Shelat


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