Hello, my poetic pals!

The Fantastic Fellows are a pair of thriving individuals striving to provide viewers of this blog with some of our work and inspiration. We enjoy sharing our special tips for people to be successful, from methods of brewing tea to origami guides. Stay tuned for a series of blog posts in which we deliver true pieces of high-class art. Let your mind enter a world of eloquence.

We suggest you join us in our never-ending plight filled with difficult work, artistic ventures, intense stories, and even spots of wondrous poetry. Examine our writings, feel free to contact us with tips/controversial topics, inspect some art and origami, enjoy multicultural references (Chinese, African, Indian), and most of all, have a great time!

As Sir Peter Markham Scott once said, “They were all famous and fantastic fellows.”

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Shivang “Shibu” Shelat and Anthony “TheGaoBaby” Gao

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